Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Pahlish Combustible Lemon II: Swatch and Review

Pahlish Combustible Lemon II: Swatch and Review

*Purchased by me*

Happy Tuesday to you! I'm already mixed up in regards to what day it is; that's what one day off of work will do to you! 

Today, I'm sharing a polish from the indie brand named Pahlish with you. Pahlish is a brand based out of the south, and it is owned by a husband and wife team, Shannon and Josh. The color that I have for you today is Combustible Lemon II. Combustible Lemon II is described by the maker as "bright neon red/orange jelly with a mix of gold and copper flakes, copper ultrachrome flakes and scattered holographic microflakes."

You guys, this polish is seriously so beautiful and complex! It has everything: A jelly base, holo, shimmer, and flakes! 

The application of Combustible Lemon II was easy and smooth. It flowed perfectly onto my nails, and the dry time between coats was great, about 1-2 minutes. Even though it is a jelly, all of the elements that are included in it lend to great opacity; that being said,  still used three thin coats for full opacity. It dried smooth and glossy, but I still added glossy top coat, for maximum shine. Shown in my pictures are three thin coats plus glossy top coat, and they are taken under a daylight bulb. 

Isn't is stunning?? While Combustible Lemon II is not currently available in Pahlish's shop, they did just release a new collection, the Venetian Carnival Collection. It looks gorgeous, and I am seriously contemplating picking up a couple! There are also Mystery Pahlishes available, which remain a mystery until you receive them. I definitely suggest that you go check out the site! 

Please be sure to check out Pahlish on social media! 

Pahlish Lovers (Facebook fan group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1427732764123394/

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I'll see you next time! 
♥ Megan

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