Monday, May 9, 2016

Substance Abuse Awareness Box: Swatches and Review

Substance Abuse Awareness Box: Swatches and Review

*Provided by makers for review*

Did you know that over 20 million Americans suffer from addiction of some kind? Your age, race, gender, social status, and income are irrelevant; addiction can affect ANYONE. Addiction to substances is one of the most common and well-known addictions; yet, we are afraid to speak about it. But it is an important topic, and more attention needs to be brought to it. More attention means that more individuals will receive the help and support that they need, in order to begin healing. 

In order to help raise some awareness of substance abuse, four indie nail polish makers have come together to create a box of polishes related to the topic. I am sharing this box with you today! 

The Substance Awareness Box consists of four full-size polishes, a cuticle oil, and awareness ribbons, and awareness ribbon nail vinyls. The blue ribbon represents awareness of opiate addiction; the red ribbon represents awareness of Substance Abuse, and the purple ribbon represents awareness of drug abuse. 

Lifestyle Lacquer 'Break Free'

The first polish in the box was contributed by Lifestyle Lacquer, and it is named Break Free. Break Free is a white crelly with red, blue, and purple metallic flakes, as well as some microshimmer. 

The formula on Break Free was typical of a crelly polish. The first coat was pretty sheer, but I was able to get it built up in one thin coat and two subsequent medium coats. I didn't need to fish for the flakes, but I did wait a bit longer between coats, as I used medium layers, rather than thin. Shown in my swatch are three coats plus glossy top coat, under a daylight bulb. 

Hillary of Lifestyle Lacquer, who began her business as Nail Jewelry Bling, also contributed the nail vinyls that are involved in this box. The vinyls include small and large ribbon shapes.

Black Lace Cosmetics 'Through the Darkness Comes Light'

The second polish in the Substance Abuse Awareness Box is the contribution of Black Lace Cosmetics. Black Lace Cosmetics is a new brand to me, and I am always happy to spread the news about new indie polish brands! 

Through the Darkness Comes Light is an intense violet shimmer creme. My pictures may appear to be more on the blue side, but it is definitely purple in person! 

On the first coat, Through the Darkness Comes Light appeared a bit thin; it was not runny, though! However, with a second thicker coat, I was able to reach full opacity. Dry time was about 5 minutes, as I did use a second thicker coat. Shown in my swatches are two coats plus glossy top coat, and they are taken under a daylight bulb. 

 Pink Hibiscus Beauty 'We Are Not Broken'

This next polish is from Pink Hibiscus Beauty, another new-to-me indie brand! We Are Not Broken is a pink-toned red base packed with holographic shimmer and flakes; it is also a duochrome! This was one of the first colors that caught my eye when I opened the box, because of all of the properties that it has going on. 

We Are Not Broken had an impeccable formula! It was not too thick or thin, and I was able to get it opaque in three coats. Dry time was about 2 minutes between coats, and it dried smooth and shiny, but I still added one layer of top coat for my swatches. Shown are under a daylight bulb, and while you can't see the duochrome in my nail swatches, it is evident in the above bottle shots! 

Pink Hibiscus Beauty also contributed a small bottle of cuticle oil to the Substance Abuses Awareness Box! 

Heather's Hues 'One Day at a Time'

The final polish in the Substance Abuse Awareness Box is a contribution by Heather's Hues, and it is named One Day at a Time. One Day at a Time is a deep ocean blue jelly packed with glitter and silver flakes. 

The formula on One Day at a Time was not overly thick, and it was easy to control. Because of the large glitters, it did dry down to a bit of a textured finish; dry time between coats was about two minutes. Even though it dried slightly textured, it smoothed right out with top coat. I was able to reach full opacity in two coats; shown are those two coats, plus one layer of topcoat. 

The Substance Abuse Awareness Box will be available at Nail Jewelry Bling's shop. The box contains 4 full-size polishes, a mini cuticle oil, and awareness ribbon nail vinyls; the cost is $50.00 with free US shipping, with $5.00 from each box being donated to . The box will be available for pre-order from Sunday, May 15th at 4:00 pm Eastern time through Friday, May 27th, and there will be a maximum of 50 boxes sold. 

Please be sure to check out all of the makers on social media, and check out the group dedicated to this box! 

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Thank you so much for stopping by, and I'll see you next time! 
♥ Megan


  1. Beautiful swatches Megan! Thanks so much for the great review of the box ❤

    1. Thank you, Hillary! I'm so honored that I had the chance to do so ♥

  2. Amazing Megan!! Absolutely stunning!!

  3. Amazing Megan!! Absolutely stunning!!

  4. I love that this box is raising awareness!

    1. Me too! It is a topic that needs awareness brought to it

  5. We are not Broken is gorgeous, I havent heard of this brand previously. Great review!

    1. It's one of my favorites! Thank you so much :)

  6. That Pink Hibiscus polish is lovely!

  7. Great to make awareness of this issue. Pink Hibiscus is lush x

    1. I am so happy that awareness is being brought to it! And yes, it is a stunning polish!

  8. Such a beautiful box, awareness is so important!

  9. We Are Not Broken is crazy gorgeous. Black Lace is also one of my fave brands!

    1. Isn't it, though?! I definitely need to look into Black Lace some more, and get some more of her colors!