Saturday, March 12, 2016

Nail Art with Supernatural Lacquer, Sinful Colors, and Born Pretty Store

*Purchased by Me*

Happy Saturday! What are you all up to this weekend? Today and Sunday are just some days for errands, schoolwork, and nails for me; nothing too exciting going on!

I have some stamping nail art for you today! I bought my first ever polish from Supernatural Lacquer, and when I received it, I thought of how amazing it would look with some nail art. (P.S. please pay no mind to the faded label; it, and I, lost a battle with some acetone!)

The color that I purchased from Supernatural Lacquer was called Avalon 2.0. It dries down a a dark, almost forest-y green, and is packed with gold flakes. Now, in the bottle, and in my pictures, it does appear brighter than what it actually looks like on the nail; however, it does dry down a bit darker. It is also semi-matte when it dries, but I added top coat to my swatch! Shown are two coats, plus top coat. 


After my two coats and topcoat dried down, I added some stamping! For this design, I chose an image from plate BP-13 from Born Pretty Store. I stamped using Sinful Colors Gold Medal (my go-to gold for stamping), and used my new clear stamper, also from Born Pretty. I just received this stamper yesterday, and I love it! It allows you to see through to your nail, so that you can see exactly where the image is being placed. This stamper required no priming, and it worked perfectly.

 I am so happy with how this image and color-combo came out, and I feel that it is a great St. Patrick's Day mani!

What types of colors do you like for St. Patrick's Day manis? The general green and gold, or other original combos? Let me know below!

Be sure to check out Supernatural Lacquer and Born Pretty Store on social media! While Avalon 2.0 is no longer available, there are many other beautiful polishes listed on the site!

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  1. I really adore this look. It's more traditional Celtic which I really love for St Patrick's Day. I absolutely love that the Supernatural Polish is named Avalon, like the fabled island. It makes it even more perfect for a St Patrick's day nail art. Beautiful job. <3

  2. Gorgeous colour combination ♡

  3. This is a gorgeous polish and I love it with the glossy top coat.

  4. Love the color and print combo. Great for St Patrick's day!

  5. Beautiful mani! The gold stamped beautifully. I hadn't heard of that SC gold.