Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fair Maiden Snake Charmer: Swatch and Review

*Purchased by Me*

Hey! Today, I have a squashed lemming of mine to show you: Fair Maiden's Snake Charmer. I have been coveting Snake Charmer for a long while, and have had Fair Maiden on my list of indies to watch; I have heard nothing but great things about them! So, when I spotted this baby in a destash, I jumped at the chance and picked it up. 

Snake Charmer is between a light and a medium green, and it is a linear holo. And let me tell you: The holo on this baby is UNREAL. It is so much stronger than I was able to capture with my camera! The formula was smooth and buttery, and it did not run whatsoever. Opacity was achieved in two coats, and I sealed them in with one layer of top coat. 

For my first polish from Fair Maiden, I couldn't have asked for anything more. A smooth formula and a breathtaking holo? I'm set! 

Be sure to check out Fair Maiden at their shop, and on social media! 
Fair Maiden's shop: http://fairmaidenpolish.com/
Fair Maiden's Twitter: https://twitter.com/fairmaidennails

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you next time! 
♥ Megan


  1. Fair Maiden is one of my favorite brands, they are so on top of the nail polish game and always knock it out of the park with their collections!

  2. This is a totally gorgeous shade! I really like how they do soft, subtle polishes so well.

  3. Anything FM makes is always a huge win!