Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Different Dimension Retrograde: Swatch and Review

*Purchased by Me*

Hey, hey, hey!  I have an absolute stunner of a polish to share with you today! This beauty is from Different Dimension, and it was a part of Missi's Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 Collection; it is named Retrograde. 

Retrograde is described as "an intense brown holographic polish with added flakies, shimmer, and holo microglitters." I've been drawn to more unique shades lately, and Retrograde is brown, but also leans a bit green in some lights. That may just be the holo playing tricks on my eyes, but it's how I saw it! 

 The formula on Retrograde applied smoothly and evenly, and it had a wonderful dry time. I was able to get it opaque in two coats, but I had also just trimmed my nails; so, if your nails are a bit longer, you may need three, depending on your desired level of opacity. Shown are those two coats, plus one layer of glossy topcoat, under a daylight bulb.

 The holo on this baby is super intense, which you all know that I love! The added microglitters give some extra oomph, which I am coming to love from Missi's polishes!

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Different Dimension shop: http://differentdimensionpolish.bigcartel.com/
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♥ Megan


  1. Great swatches, I love Retrograde too! She has released some real stunners over the last couple months.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I have been drooling over so many of her colors!

  2. I really love a good brown, especially if it is holo!

  3. This is gorgeous! I love the bronze tone this has :)

  4. DD knows holo! The added glitter is so awesome!