Friday, April 15, 2016

Nail Art with Envy Lacquer, Hit the Bottle Polish, and Born Pretty Store

*Purchased by Me*

Happy Friday! Today, I have some stamping nail art to share with you! 

To start out with this look, I began with a polish from an indie brand named Envy Lacquer. Envy Lacquer is run by Melody, and she is so, so sweet, and is super interactive with her customers! The polish that I used is named Larryasaurus, and it is a color that was created in Envy's Entourage, the Facebook fan group for the brand. Every now and then, Melody will have us choose a creature to base a polish off of, and will then accept inspiration picture submissions; whichever picture wins is what the polish is based off of!  

Larryasaurus is based off of an animated picture of a dinosaur. It is a medium mint green crelly with blue flecks and scattered blue microglitter, and it is a perfect representation of the inspiration picture! (Side note: Melody's labels are SO PRETTY! Look at the holo on that baby!!)

Larryasaurus was smooth and easy to apply, with an average dry time. I was able to get it opaque in two medium coats, but because it is a crelly, you may want to do three thin coats for full opacity. It dries smooth and glossy, but my swatches show it with topcoat! 

After my polish and topcoat fully dried, I decided to add some stamping! For this design, I chose part of an image from Born Pretty's BP-48, and stamped it using my clear stamper from Born Pretty, as well as Blue-tiful, from the indie stamping polish brand, Hit the Bottle Polishes. Hit the Bottle is based in Australia, but there are US stockists available; this info will be posted at the end of the post! After the stamping dried, I sealed everything in with another layer of topcoat. Here is the final look!

I love how this color combo came out; it feels perfect for Spring! I really enjoy playing around with different color combinations. 

Be sure to check out Envy Lacquer and Hit the Bottle on social media, and be sure to join Envy's Entourage to partake in all of the fun! 

Envy's Entourage (Facebook fan group):

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see you next time! 
♥ Megan

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