Thursday, April 14, 2016

le Polish Love Your Mother (Earth): Partial Collection Swatches and Review

*Sent by maker for swatch, photography, and review*

Hey there! I have something exciting to share with you today! Allison of the brand le Polish is releasing a new quad of polish for the spring, and it is named the Love Your Mother (Earth) Collection. Each polish in this collection is named after the lovely Greek Goddesses of earth, and they are based off of this gorgeous photograph

The first polish that I have to show you is named Gaia. Gaia is named after the primary mother goddess, the giver of life to Earth, and the mother to Rhea (coming up next!). Gaia is described as a "deep teal full of green holo glitter and navy and gold flakes representing the colors of Earth from the view at Mount Olympus." 

The formula on Gaia was nice and smooth, and the glitter and flakes required minimal manipulation to be placed where I wanted them. The formula is jelly-like, so I used three coats for full opacity; dry time was average. Shown are three coats plus glossy top coat, under a daylight bulb. 

The next polish in the collection is named Rhea. Rhea is the Titaness Mother of Gods, and the mother to Demeter. It is described as a "dusty purple jam-packed with pink, lavender, and orange glitters and green micro-flakes. She may not be a goddess herself, but she birthed them and is every bit as beautiful!"

The formula on Rhea was smooth as well, and I did not need to manipulate the glitter at all! The base is also jelly-like, and it a light lavender; therefore, I used three thin coats for full opacity; dry time was average for this beauty as well. You could also probably layer it over a light lavender creme, if you wanted to intensify the color! I am a purple polish lover at heart, so I definitely gravitated towards Rhea. Shown in my swatches are three coats plus glossy top coat, under a daylight bulb. 

This collection also contains two other polishes: A spring green, full of pink and gold, with pink micro-flakes (named after Demeter) and a fiery orange with teal glitters, gold flakes, and purple micro-flakes (named after Persephone). 

The Love Your Mother (Earth) collection will be releasing on Friday, April 22nd, at noon Eastern Time at . The polishes will be available in full size (15 mL) and mini (7.5 mL). Individual full-size polishes will be $10 each, or you can pick up the full-sized quad for $38.50. Individual minis will cost $6.00 each, or $23.25 for the entire mini quad. 

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*These polishes were sent for swatch and review. All opinions are my own!*