Sunday, September 25, 2016

Polish Con Fall 2016: Fall in Love With Indies

Polish Con Fall 2016: Fall in Love With Indies

What is this? Two posts in one night? Well, I just HAVE to tell you about my experience at Polish Con! I had the amazing opportunity to help out at and attend the inaugural Polish Con (Polish Convention) in Chicago last week, and I had the time of my life! There were loads of indie nail polish vendors, tutorial tables, and lots and lots of people to meet. And of course, INSANE amounts of polish to purchase (which, let's be honest, I went a little crazy; I'll show my haul at the end of this post)! By no means did the pictures that I take represent the entire event; they are just the ones that I had the time to take! Let's take a look! 

My first stop, of course, was the Ever After Polish table! This is Rachel and her husband, Ian. Check out the event exclusives and her newest collection, based off of the musical Wicked! 

Next to Rachel Was Miranda's portion of the table, sporting her bath/body and hand care products. I wasn't able to nab a picture of her, but you can spot her head ducking down! I picked up a Maple Bacon lip balm from her table, a new flavor that she is offering, and it smells DIVINE! It was great to meet Rachel and Miranda in person!

Next, I went to the Cupcake Polish table! Sara's table was so stinking adorable; she even had shopping baskets, so that you didn't have to juggle the bottles while shopping. It was amazing to finally meet Sara in person as well! 

The event limited edition colors were in cute little bowls on the tables! 

And she had some adorable cupcake bath bombs as well! 

Next was the DIFFERENT dimension table! I wasn't able to get a picture of the table (it was PACKED by the time I got to it!), but I was able to get a picture with Missi! She is too sweet! 

I also visited the Darling Diva Polish table, and I think that I fell even more in love with Carrie; she. Is. AWESOME. Her polishes are bomb, and she is even more so! She even had a raffle, where the prize was a hot pink glittery travel cup with the Darling Diva logo, as well as an LE polish.

Great Lakes Lacquer was also at the event, as Mariah was one of the main organizers of the event (she worked alongside Rachel and Miranda to plan the entire event). She had some stunning event exclusives/limited editions, as well as the other beautiful polishes that she brought along! I was smitten when I was able to meet Mariah! 

The event LEs-- they cleared out quickly! 

I also had the pleasure of meeting Stefanie from Supernatural Lacquer (as well as her mother)! I was able to try her acetone additive at the event, and I am officially a convert! She has a bunch of new scents, and they are so moisturizing! 

Chelsea of Pretty & Polished also attended the event! She debuted some of her new Fall polishes, as well as some polishes that she created for the event. 

Again, these were not all of the vendors who were in attendance, just the ones that I was able to nab pictures of! 

In addition to the vendors, there were also tutorial tables. I had the pleasure of hosting a tutorial table, at which I spoke about nail care, filing, and manicure clean-up. I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to speak about this topic, and it was a pleasure to meet with everyone who signed up for the tutorials. Here is a shot of my table; look at all of the Ever After nail files! 

Oh yeah, you wanted to see my haul, right!? Some may say that I went a little overboard, but...NAHH! I can't wait to play with and blog about all of these pretties! 

At the end of the convention, it was announced that it will be held in Chicago every Fall, and that the location for the Spring will rotate; this coming Spring, in 2017, the Con will be held in New York! This is even closer to me, so I will for sure be attending! 

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Thank you so much for stopping by, and I'll see you next time! 
♥ Megan


  1. Great post! Hopefully I'll be going to NYC too!

  2. EEe! It was a pleasure meeting you Megan. Your help was amazing! <3

    1. You KNOW how much I appreciate the chance! I can't wait for NYC!

  3. It was fantastic to finally meet you in person! You're such a sweetheart and I enjoyed working with you at the con. :D

    1. It was a pleasure to meet you and work with you as well! You are amazing!